Friday, November 13, 2015

No, KY Did Not Elect a Black Lt. Gov.

She was not "elected" to anything, because Kentucky no longer "elects" the Lieutenant Governor.  Governor candidates choose a running mate whose name appears below that governor candidate's name on the ballot. She never appeared on her own ballot line.  If she had, not a single white repug - and in Kentucky, they're 99.9999 percent white - would have cast a vote for her.

Kentucky repugs are racist motherfuckers who never voted for her, but are happy to use her as the personification of their lies.

Hampton never made it to space, but she did rise from an unemployed tea party activist who couldn't win a state House race to become the first African-American to ever hold statewide office in Kentucky. Elected lieutenant governor alongside Republican Gov.-elect Matt Bevin, she joins Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina as the only black statewide elected officials in the South.

Republicans view her election as a rebuke to claims by some Democrats that President Barack Obama's dismal approval ratings in the state are driven by race. Kentucky's minority population is less than 10 percent, and the state had divided loyalties during the Civil War while never officially joining the Confederacy. The state Capitol has statues of both Abraham Lincoln and Confederate President Jefferson Davis in its rotunda.
As for you, Jenean: you can be sure that every repug in the state is calling you a ni**er behind your back.  And they'll never elect you to a real office.

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