Monday, November 16, 2015

Another KY Town Courts Bankruptcy With Freakazoid Vote

Millions of dollars in settlement to the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which eats freakazoid fools like you for breakfast.  Not counting legal fees and the cost of re-repainting all the cop cars.

Kim Davis, Wilmore, now Hodgenville.  Is there some kind of morons-in-court contest going on?

The Hodgenville City Council has unanimously voted to allow the words "In God We Trust" to be lettered on the town's police cars.

WDRB-TV reports ( the idea came up when the five-officer department got two new cruisers recently. Police Chief Marcus Jackson said he will leave it up to the individual officers whether they want the decal on their vehicles.

Mayor Kenny Devore said he will pay for the new decals personally, so that the money won't come from taxpayers.

Larue County Judge Executive Tommy Turner told the station he knows a lawsuit is possible. But he said in an email, "I am supportive as I think allowing 'In God We Trust' on our cruisers reflects the majority feeling of the community."
First, the unconstitutional part is the religious expression on a city-owned vehicle.  Who purchases the stickers is irrelevant.

Second, even if every single person in Hodgenville vowed to sacrifice their first-borns rather than allow the stickers to be removed, it wouldn't make the stickers any less unconstitutional.

And third, the Freedom from Religion Foundation has a perfect all-wins, no-losses record against morons like you.  You. Will. Lose.  And you will Pay. Big.

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