Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bevin Vows to Eliiminate Public Education, Health Care, Accountability for Freakazoids

I hope all you Democratic voters who sat home or who skipped voting in the governor's race because Jack Conway is such a dork are happy.  You're getting exactly what you deserve. Too bad the rest of us have to live with the consequences of your stupidity.

Eliminating public education is what charter schools do.  Besides enriching their corporate owners and Bevin's buddys, of course

Gov.-elect Matt Bevin singled out Fayette and Jefferson counties for "failing schools" in a radio interview Wednesday night in which he again strongly pitched charter schools, according to the Kentucky School Boards Association News Service.

Bevin said he wants to start with public charter schools to replace historically low-performing traditional public schools.
And working people who need kynect and Medicaid get to die in the streets while Bevin makes sure that Kimmy Davis gets to keep drawing her $80,000 in tax dollars without having to do her job.

Jack Brammer at the Herald:
Gov.-elect Matt Bevin said Friday he wants to dismantle Kentucky's health care exchange known as Kynect by the end of 2016.

He also said during his first media availability after his win Tuesday in Kentucky's race for governor that one of his first actions after he is sworn into office Dec. 8 is to sign an executive order to remove the names of county clerks from marriage licenses.

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