Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Great Scam That Is "Whiteness"

It's not just that there is no such thing as biological "race," it's that whiteness is the justification for history's greatest crimes against humanity.

Chauncey De Vega at We Are Respectable Negroes explains:

The idea of "whiteness" as a strict racial category superior to others is an invention of Europeans, who needed to legitimate and normalize a system of white on black chattel slavery, global empire, and colonialism as being preordained by nature and God.
Yet the “common sense” belief that the racial ideology known as Whiteness has always existed is one of the greatest tricks in human history.

In all, Whiteness is a new invention. The ways in which it has been naturalized signals to its powerful role in an American society that was built upon a foundation of white supremacy, and that continues to maintain institutionalized systems of white advantage over people of color in the 21st century.

Of course, all white people do not benefit in the same way from the racial ideology known as Whiteness: class, gender, sexual orientation hugely impact their lives, among many other identities.

However, as a group, all white people benefit from Whiteness relative to non-whites.
And of course the mooching rich use the whiteness scam to suppress and con non-rich whites by pitting them against non-whites.

The enemy is the rich. Nothing changes until they lose the class war.

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Ten Bears said...

I've long held that this notion of "whiteness" or "white superiority" is a genetic memory harkening back to when the culturally superior Neanderthal of Northern Europe were overran and assimilated by dark, swarthy Cro-Magnon types from the south and east.

Google it.