Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Love Smell of Roasting Repug Candidacy

Hal Heiner was going to beat him anyway, but wow, what a way to go down in flames two weeks before the primary.

The Republican primary for governor turned toxic Monday night as a woman publicly accused James Comer of physical abuse in 1991 and Comer's running mate assailed Hal Heiner's campaign for its contact with a blogger who had been posting about the alleged assault for months.

Comer on Monday night denied the allegation of abuse in an interview with the Herald-Leader, saying he would hold a press conference on Tuesday "to prove this is the worst political dirty trick in Kentucky history."

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2015/05/05/3836588/gop-race-for-governor-turns-toxic.html#storylink=cpy
Oh, honey, it gets so much better. Seems the woman claims Comer accompanied her on a trip to a Louisville abortion clinic in 1991.  When abortion was, as it is now, 100 percent completely legal in Kentucky and throughout the entire United States.

Not that repug primary voters will forgive even a whisper of the A-word coming within 10 miles of a candidate.

Even if it's all a lie, just the accusations are enough to sink him in the primary.  If they'd come out after he'd won the primary, repug voters would rally around him to beat the Democrat.  But they've got three repug alternatives to the guy who's already labeled - justifiably or not - as the abortion candidate.

Kudos to Comer for apparently avoiding any mention of his invisible sky wizard, although that, too, will be held against him by the freakazoids who turn out in droves for repug primaries.

Comer's wife was at his side during today's press conference, confidently insisting that her husband was innocence incarnate. Not that she has any actual exculpatory evidence, you understand.

Stop doing that, spouses of accused candidates.  It just reminds everyone of Mrs. David Vitter.

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