Wednesday, May 6, 2015

AynRandy Says Your Boss Should Control Your Sex Life

But only if you are the female variety of subhuman. Because of course letting employers fire a male worker for, say, taking Viagara, would be unkonstitushonul.
Employers are the real victims

At least according to these wingnuts who are all in favor of allowing employers to fire women for using birth control or having abortions. In this case, it's supposedly because it might violate their "religious freedom" to prohibit them from passing moral judgement on the private lives of their employees.  Rand Paul, the avatar of liberty, is on board.  But you knew he would be. What conservatives and libertarians truly care about the owners of property's freedom to do any damned thing they want with what they own. Individual human freedom is always secondary. Unless you're an owner you're just out of luck.

They've had to accept that outright slavery isn't going to go over in this modern age.  So, using this fatuous religious freedom argument, they are constructing a legal regime to protect the rights of employers to simply treat their employees like slaves with the only protection for the worker being their "freedom" to starve. Women, having the burden of gestating the human race are particularly problematic. After all, it's not as if the owners get to keep the offspring and put them to work like the good old days.

And anyway a man owns his castle and his business and his freedom to run that castle and business is what's at issue. That's what liberty is all about. All these non-owners clamoring for "rights" are simply trying to enslave the slaveowner.  The slaveowners just want to be free.

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