Saturday, May 2, 2015

Do You Know Who Owns Your Water?

Yes, I mean "owns."  Used to be that all drinking water in the United States was supplied by your friendly local city or county government.  If not "friendly," at least subject to the wrath of voters if the water wasn't drinkable, available and affordable.

But over the last 30 years, the curse of privatization has turned municipal water supplies over to greedy and unaccountable corporations, who don't give a shit about quality or quantify but constantly raise the price.

You know that bottled water you buy by the dozen because you don't trust what comes out of the tap? It's tap water.  Stolen by the billions of gallons out of California by international corporations who don't give a flying fuck that the residents who actually own that water are currently dying of thirst.

If your water company decided it could make more money by selling your water overseas, what recourse would you have?

Lane Reports:

Gov. Steve Beshear has proclaimed May 3-9 as Drinking Water Week in Kentucky to recognize the importance of source water protection and conservation, as well as the value, importance and fragility of our state’s water resources.

Kentuckians can conserve water by following a few simple actions both inside and outside the home:
  • Check for leaks in toilets and pipes.
  • Run full loads in clothing and dishwashing machines.
  • Keep drinking water cooling in the refrigerator.
  • Replace old showerheads with high-efficiency models.
  • Mulch bushes and trees to retain moisture.
  • Check for hose and nozzle leaks.
  • Water early or late when temperatures are low to reduce evaporation.
  • Recycle rainwater with barrels and buckets for watering plants.
  • Plant water and drought-tolerant plants to reduce the need to water.
 And demand your local officials take your water supply from that corporations and put it back in the hands of the people.

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