Thursday, April 2, 2015

You're Closed Because You're a Hateful Bigot

Guess his little plan to get publicity for his nasty restaurant backfired

According to Fox, the restaurant owner, Kevin O'Connor, said that Memories was inundated with phone calls following news reports on his family's views on same-sex marriage. O'Connor could not decipher which calls were made to place real orders and which were not, pushing him to close the pizzeria. He told Fox that he was unsure whether he would reopen.

"Because I don't believe in something they want, they see fit to be angry about it," O'Connor said about the backlash over his beliefs. "It's really confusing to me. I'm just a little guy in a little tiny town. That's where I've been all my life. It's just been ugly. I don't know what to call it."
It's called "getting what you deserve."  Nobody cares what you believe.  Nobody cares if you never, ever "cater" a gay wedding. You brought this on yourself by announcing that you deny human rights to human beings.  If you'd kept your fucking mouth shut, you'd be serving pizza right now.

And no, that's not denying your First Amendment right to free speech.  That's explaining that you, like everyone, must live with the consequences of saying what you think.

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JUDI M. said...

Only problem is....thses damn bigots are reaping a winfall Big Time. Some RWNJ, or The Blaze, started a GoFunDMe page. So far they have over $100,000.
Wonder WHO will get the dough??? (sorry...)