Sunday, April 19, 2015

Make Legislators Live the Laws They Impose on Others

Start wioth the Kentucky assholes who tried to ban trans kids from using the restroom.  Make repug C.B. Embry and the rest drop trou and expose their genitals any time they try to enter a public restroom.

Because the motherfuckers could not survive a single day - fuck, a single HOUR - under the burdens they create to crush poor people, minority people and female people.

Think Progress:

The Kansas legislature has sent a bill to Gov. Sam Brownback’s (R) desk that limits welfare recipients to withdrawing just $25 a day from their benefits and enacts a range of other restrictions.
via Hullabaloo:
Emily Badger of the Post's Wonkblog writes that from drug-testing aid recipients to passing new laws restricting what foods the the poor can buy with SNAP benefits, the odd double standard applied to government support for the poor raises several questions about why, one of them moral:
We rarely make similar demands of other recipients of government aid. We don't drug-test farmers who receive agriculture subsidies (lest they think about plowing while high!). We don't require Pell Grant recipients to prove that they're pursuing a degree that will get them a real job one day (sorry, no poetry!). We don't require wealthy families who cash in on the home mortgage interest deduction to prove that they don't use their homes as brothels (because surely someone out there does this). The strings that we attach to government aid are attached uniquely for the poor.
Tom Sullivan:
Missouri's proposed surf-and-turf law prohibits food-stamp recipients from using them to purchase, among other things, seafood or steak. This might include prohibiting the poor from purchasing canned tuna. (Sorry, Charlie.) Where's a seafood industry lobbyist when you really need one?
Dana Milbank writes:
The surf-and-turf bill is one of a flurry of new legislative proposals at the state and local level to dehumanize and even criminalize the poor as the country deals with the high-poverty hangover of the Great Recession.
We kiss up and kick down here. Steal trillions through your too-big-to-fail bank, and at most you'll draw a fine. Plug in a cell phone on the street and go to jail if you're lucky enough not to be tasered or shot. The new impoverishment is one of the soul.
Don't miss Wonkette's patented snark on the subject.

And all the motherfuckers who think they own women's wombs? No more viagra prescriptions: every time you want to fuck, you have to make an appointment with a doctor to explain why you need help to get that empty balloon up and hard, listen to a lecture on why you should not be fucking anyway, then wait 72 hours, then go back to the doctor and explain why you still want a boner pill, then you might get just one.

Every single time.

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