Sunday, April 12, 2015

AynRandy: No Gay Rights or Religious Rights Either

Or gun rights or property rights or voting rights or any other right based on what you do.  Seriously.

Steve Benen at Maddowblog:

The senator’s comments suggest Rand Paul doesn’t recognize gay rights as a real issue at all because, in his words, rights based on “behavior” lack legitimacy.
The Kentucky Republican may not have thought this one through.
By Rand Paul’s reasoning, gun rights don’t exist because buying, carrying, and/or firing a weapon is a “behavior.”
By Rand Paul’s reasoning, religious rights don’t exist because embracing a faith tradition, practicing its tenets, and attending services is a “behavior.”
By Rand Paul’s reasoning, free-speech rights don’t exist because expressing one’s opinions and speaking one’s mind is a “behavior.”
By Rand Paul’s reasoning, voting rights don’t exist because participating in an election and exercising the franchise is a “behavior.” 
There are a great number of issues the unannounced presidential candidate claims to take seriously, but he does not seem to understand beyond a superficial level. Paul has largely gotten away with this so far – much of the Beltway media is too preoccupied with how “interesting” they find him to notice his confusion – but once he’s a candidate for national office, this will become much more difficult.
 If only repugs gave a flying fuck about logic.

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