Thursday, April 2, 2015

Embrace President Obama, Jack: You Have Nothing to Lose

This keeps happening, but Democratic candidates never learn: the further you run away from President Obama, the harder repugs bash you for loving President Obama.

Sam Youngman at the Herald:

Republicans had undeniable success last year in tying Kentucky's Democratic U.S. Senate candidate to an unpopular Democratic president.
Time out, Sam: that strategy only appeared to work because the candidate, Alison Lundergan Grimes, fell into the trap by running away from President Obama, thus alienating the Democratic voters she needed to win.
With President Barack Obama coming to Kentucky on Thursday, it seems clear from statements put out by national Republican groups Wednesday that the same strategy will be used again in this year's race for governor.

Attorney General Jack Conway, the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, will not be present when Air Force One lands in Louisville Thursday, or when Obama speaks about the economy at Indatus, a technology company in Louisville.
Get your ass to Louisville, Jack. Get up on that stage and plant a big sloppy kiss right on the President's mouth. Say:  "I am a DEMOCRATIC candidate and this is my DEMOCRATIC president. Only repugs and conservatards think that's an insult."
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