Thursday, November 27, 2014

Shop Stores That Treat Workers Like Human Beings

Of course you are not shopping today, when it means encouraging the slave-driving plutocrats exploiting their employees.

And you're not shopping tomorrow, on Buy Nothing Day.

But when you do start your holiday shopping, stick with the stores that acknowledge their employees' humanity by closing on Thanksgiving.

Costco, of course.  Dillard's. Burlington Coat Factory. TJMaxx and Marshall's. JoAnn Fabrics. Designer Shoe Warehouse. Petco. Barnes and Noble (just this once) Crate and Barrel.
Not to mention every locally-owned, non-chain store you can find and buy something in between now and New Year's.

Think Progress:
Instead of shopping at Macy’s or J.C. Penney, for example, consumers have the option to go to Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. Instead of Walmart, Kmart, or Target, they can go to GameStop, Barnes & Noble, or Bed, Bath & Beyond. Instead of Sports Authority, shoppers can get outdoors gear at Patagonia or REI.

And consumers may be prepared to stand in solidarity with retail employees who say they don’t want to work on the holiday. Less than one in five people who say they’re going to shop over Thanksgiving weekend say they’ll do it on the holiday itself, a drop from nearly a quarter last year, while the majority aren’t even going to shop in actual stores. Half of Americans say they think shopping on that day itself is a terrible idea. That may be why opening early didn’t juice holiday sales for the stores that made workers come in on the holiday last year.

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