Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Remove the Noose, Democrats: Seth Moulton Won

Yes, YES, YES!

Seth Moulton is the fucking future of the fucking Democratic Party and the whole fucking country.

A proud, loud, outspoken liberal so modest and with priorities so straight the Boston Globe had to sic a Pulitzer-winning investigative reporter on him to find out Moulton had earned two medals for conspicuous bravery in combat in Iraq.

Yeah, he won in Massachusetts, where a Democratic candidate just lost the gubernatorial race.

Seth Moulton could have beaten Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.  Seth Moulton could have beaten Greg Abbott in Texas. Seth Moulton could have beaten Joni Ernst in Iowa, Kris Kobach in Kansas, James Lankford in Oklahoma.

Seth Moulton could have beaten Louie Gohmert, whose voters are all even more brain-dead than he is.

There's not a repug anywhere in the country who would not lose to Seth Moulton.  Not because Moulton is a genuine war hero, even though he is.  But because Seth Moulton stands proud for and talks loud about real Democratic values and Democratic achievements.

When Seth Moulton steps onto the floor of the House of Representatives for the first time, every fucking Democrat in that chamber should bow her head in respect, and every repug should cower in fear.

Seth Moulton, motherfuckers.

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