Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ebola Stupidity Spreads to Louisville; Forces Teacher to Resign

Okay, listen up, people:

Kenya in East Africa is three thousand miles from the nearest African Ebola case in far West Africa.

The parents and school administrators who shit their pants from watching too much Faux News are 500 miles away from the nearest American Ebola case in New York City.

Which is the greater threat?

Thousands of Americans who have never left the country are going to die from the flu this year because so many people will not get the flu shot.

We're all gonna die from the STOOPIT.

From the Herald:

A teacher at a private school in Louisville has resigned rather than take a paid leave because of fears over Ebola.
Susan Sherman, a teacher at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School who also is a registered nurse, recently returned from a medical mission trip to Kenya, The Courier-Journal reported.

Though Kenya, in eastern Africa, has not had any reported cases of Ebola, the school asked Sherman to take a 21-day paid leave as a precaution because parents had raised concerns, according to the newspaper.

Sherman also was asked to get a note from her doctor giving her a clean bill of health, the newspaper reported.

Sherman's husband, Paul Sherman, said in a letter sent last week to Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz that parents and staff had "unfounded fears" that were "triumphing over truth and reason." The couple wanted to have an informational meeting about their trip and Ebola, but "were put off until our 'quarantine' is over," Paul Sherman wrote.

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