Thursday, May 1, 2014

Racist/Sexist Asshole Donald Serling is Also A Filthy Rich Parasite

And that's no coincidence.

Down with Tyranny:

The second myth is that the majority of the wealth that is created under capitalism is due to the efforts of the owners of capital.  

However, the second myth deserves equal attention because it’s at the heart of the current challenges facing American workers of all races all over the United States, that is, the question of who creates corporate value or wealth and whether or not our current economic and political systems fairly value and reward the real creators of wealth. 
A World Bank study found that human capital accounts for 59% of the wealth of developed economies like the United States, while business capital only accounts for 16%. If it is not clear in any other area of business, it should be perfectly clear that much of the wealth created by professional sports teams can be directly attributed to human capital. The frontline employees, who are the players as well as their coaches, are the primary source of the wealth that is created.
The only way to make this shit stop is to literally tax the rich out of existence.  They don't create a single fucking job - that's what consumers do, by spending money - and they suck money and democracy out of the body politic.

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