Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Want to Blow Up the Benghazi Kangaroo Court? Sign this Petition to Put Alan Grayson On It

This will actually, literally make repug and analpundit heads explode. I mean brains splattered on the walls.


I wrote about the congressman with guts earlier:
Perhaps people don’t realize that Alan Grayson isn’t just another lawyer/congressman. He’s an experienced litigator who fought whistle-blower fraud cases aimed at military contractors. The Wall Street Journal characterized him in 2006 as “waging a one-man war against contractor fraud in Iraq.” And he was very successful at it. As a politician Grayson is usually seen as a pugnacious fighter always at the ready with a pithy put-down on cable news shows. His floor speeches are often fiery indictments of his political opponents and the power elite.

But that’s not why the Democrats should tap him for the job. As notable as all those characteristics are, they are not where Grayson’s true talent lies. He is a master at the task of committee questioning. During his first term as a member of the Financial Services Committee he practically had bankers whimpering on the hot seat and he took on everyone from Ben Bernanke to Timothy Geithner, eliciting important information. Unlike the vaunted prosecutor the GOP has tapped to lead the inquiry, Trey Gowdy (who specializes in browbeating and histrionic questioning), Grayson is never rude and he isn’t dismissive or insulting. He is serious, composed and extremely well prepared. And when he has the floor he is completely in control.
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Credo has a petition going to ask the Democrats to name Grayson as the Democratic representative to the Benghazi! ™  hearings. It's not just a good way to infuriate the Republicans and make the Village press go mad --- which it will.  But Grayson is a secret weapon. He's really good at this. 
And it might even inspire the base enough to save the Senate and take back the House in November.

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