Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Emily Letts Abortion Video

Yeah, the freakazoids are motherfucking liars, what else is new.

Jessica Valenti at the Guardian:

Emily Letts breathes through a minutes-long procedure, humming softly at times. When it's over, she smiles and says, "I feel good." Letts, a counselor at Cherry Hill Women's Clinic in New Jersey, has just had an abortion. And in an attempt to destigmatize the procedure, she filmed her experience and shared it on YouTube. 
"We've been taught that abortion is a scary thing, and it's totally inaccurate," Letts told me on Wednesday.

Letts said the responses to her video this week has been mixed: she has some people telling her that she's brave; there are others who are horrible and try to intimidate her. But it's the "third category" of people responding who have been most important to her - women sharing their stories. "My story is not for the people commenting on message boards, or the negative people – it's for the women who feel like they don't have a voice, like they've been in the shadows for so long," she says.

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