Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good Religious vs. Bad Religious

It drives me nuts to hear "moderate" or "liberal" xians defend hate-mongering freakazoids by saying "Oh, but that's not real christianity."

Well of course it is and of course you're defending it.  You're enabling it. You're giving the motherfuckers credibility.

That's what makes "good" religious people a greater threat to civilization, democracy and secular society than "bad" religious people.

Divine Irony:

Just because these religious people aren’t mean doesn’t mean they’re more intelligent than the mean religious people. They’re still basing their conclusions on bad evidence. If anything, the fact that two groups can draw two totally different conclusions about how to behave from the same source and that each if those conclusions just happens to reflect the morality those groups held anyway, shows the source is little more than a screen for people to project their ideals upon.

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