Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Take Action to Stop the Bluegrass Pipeline

Stop the Bluegrass Pipeline:

New Call to Action - Call Today!

Today House Bill 31 will be assigned to a committee.

Please Call 1-800-372-7181:
  • Ask that HB31 be sent to the Judiciary Committee. 
  • Ask Sen. Whitney Westerfield to hear HB 31 in his committee. 
  • Ask Senate leadership to get the bill sent to the Judiciary committee and to support the bill.
We need to support the bill as it is or we won't be able to get a bill passed. This bill is better than the present law because it excludes NGLs from being classified with oil/gas. 

Eminent domain for gathering lines will have to be a fight for another day.

The Farm Bureau helped get the bill passed in the House. We need their help to get the bill into the Judiciary Committee and to get it passed in the Senate.  If you have Farm Bureau contacts, please share this information with them.

We need to generate as many green message sheets to the senators below as we can today!
You can either call or email:
Legislative Message Line--1-800-372-7181   
Direct Links to Senators' email addresses and contact pages (where available) appear below:

1.  Sen Whitney Westerfield--Judiciary Chair   

2.  Katie Stine--Vice Chair Judiciary and President Pro Tem 


3.  Robert Stivers-Senate President     
5.  R.J. Palmer     
6.  Dan Seum       
8.  Johnny Ray Turner    
9.  Brandon Smith    
10.  Jerry P. Rhoads      

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