Monday, March 31, 2014

Charter Schools Are Killing the Nation: Creationism Edition

I am personally acquainted with the valedictorian of a christian madrassa - really bright kid with a flair for math and enormous potential. But when he moved from his freakazoid private school to a public university, he flunked every single class, even though they were introductory classes and he had aced advanced classes in the same subjects at the madrassa.

Because he really "learned" was bible. Bible math, bible history, bible science, bible english, bible spanish.

Took him 13 years to get a college degree, and he'll be stuck in minimum wage jobs for life because of it.

And that's exactly the way the corporate plutocrats want it.   The big money and power behind charter schools is not the freakazoids; it's the corporate billionaires establishing a work force too stupid and impoverished to maintain a democracy.

Because what's in the charter schools today is in the public schools tomorrow.

Charles Pierce:

Bravo to Stephanie Simon of Tiger Beat On The Potomac for her deep reporting on how taxpayer dollars are being used to fund the teaching of creationist nonsense in direct conflict with the Constitution, several decisions in the federal courts, over 200 years of scientific achievement, and basic common sense.
This should be a gigantic issue. American children are being taught ridiculous hogwash at the public expense, It should serve as a red flag for the people who are enthusiastic about charter schools. It should be a measure of our maturity as a nation and as a people that we simply don't do this any more. This week, the "religious liberty" scam in the Hobby Lobby case is going before the Supreme Court. I am sure that there will be a "religious liberty" argument made in defense of making American students dumber when they get out of school than they were when they went in. Dear Mother of Jesus, we are a heavily armed nation of fkwits.

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