Friday, March 7, 2014

KY House Committee Approves Bill to Destroy State's Economy

Because that's what privatization does. Turning public services over to private corporations always results in horrible service at ten times the price. Corporations and the super-rich rake in tax dollars and leave the public with bad service and no way to hold the privateers accountable.

Governments are in the business of providing public services to all residents. Private companies are in the business of maximizing profits - no matter how many members of the public get hurt.

There is no faster way to flush a state's economy down the toilet than to turn it over to private corporations.

Bruce Schreiner at AP:

A bill backed by influential business groups that would allow state and local governments in Kentucky to partner with private sources for projects ranging from roads and sewer lines to college dorms won approval from a House committee Thursday.

The measure was touted as a way to create new financing plans to construct public projects in a time of lean government budgets. It would allow for the formation of public-private partnerships in which a private company could construct, finance or operate a public facility.
If this is the kind of let-corporations-run-our-world shit the supposedly "Democratic" state house is going to approve, what the fuck does it matter if repugs take it over this fall?

You want money for infrastructure? Tell our piece of shit U.S. Senators McConnell and Paul to approve President Obama's proposed budget - plus an extra Trillion dollars for even more infrastructure.

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