Sunday, March 2, 2014

Creationists: What AREN'T They Afraid Of?

Fear explains so much, and not just about the creationists, but all the flavors of freakazoids. The more that reality and circumstances force them to let go of their invisible sky wizard and his mythology, the more violently and hysterically they cling to their fantasies.

That why secular victories never defeat the freakazoids; they just get more rabid and dangerous.  It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

PZ Myers:
I don’t subscribe to HBO, so I missed the new documentary on creationism, Questioning Darwin. I did manage to catch a few clips, like this one from Gawker. Hear creationists say what they really think!
Amanda Marcotte has a sound take on their position. It’s not stupidity driving these weird excuses, it’s fear.
By going back and forth between creationists and Darwin’s life story, the documentary crafts a compelling image of the conflict between two world views: That of curiosity and that of incuriosity/fear. I agree with the New York Times reviewer that the creationists are presented non-judgementally, but as these clips amassed by Gawker make clear, the creationists do all the work for you anyway. There’s a pastor explaining he would have to accept it if the Bible said “2+2=5″ and people talking, over and over again, about the strategies they have to employ to shut down their minds in the event that they’re presented with an opportunity to think more broadly.  The major emotion that comes off them in waves is that of fear: Fear of asking questions, fear of the “world” (which is always talked about negatively), fear of difference, fear that thinking might lead them into dark places, fear that they really aren’t special that manifests in making up a God who loves you so you never have to go a moment without that feeling, fear that they will fall into the abyss without blind obedience to authority, and, of course, fear of death.
Exactly. These people are not incapable of understanding evolution; they are instead practicing motivated reasoning, and are being entirely rational in fleeing into irrationality, because they don’t know how to cope without their beloved myths and fantasy stories.

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