Saturday, March 3, 2018

Stay the Fuck Out of Pike County Schools

The teachers there are gonna be packin' and it's gonna be ugly.

Teachers could soon be carrying concealed guns inside schools in Pike County under a proposal that was preliminarily approved Monday evening by the Pike County School Board.

The unanimous decision came after the board heard concerns about school safety from teachers, parents and administrators during a town hall meeting at Pike County Central High School. The discussion was prompted by multiple school shootings in recent weeks, including one at Marshall County High School in Western Kentucky that left two dead and another in Florida that left 17 dead.

The motion authorizes the school board’s attorney to work with the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, which would oversee the program, to finalize a formal policy for the school board to consider.
Now that vote was taken before the teacher in Georgia barricaded himself in his classroom and fired a shot through the window.  But somehow I don't think that will deter the gun nuts in far Eastern Kentucky from spending the money they don't have for salaries and books on guns.

I don't care how carefully you screen job applicants; in every school with more than a dozen teachers, there is at least one who hasn't killed a student only because he didn't have a weapon to hand.

Homeschooling is a crime against education, but if I had a kid in a school with armed teachers, I'd take her out in a heartbeat and quit my job to teach her my own damn self. 

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