Sunday, March 4, 2018

KY School Shows How to Create Atheists

Forced prayer will do it every time.

From the Herald:

An organization of atheists and agnostics has taken issue with a prayer circle held after a high school basketball game in northeastern Kentucky recently.
Players, cheerleaders and coaches from cross-county rivals West Carter High School and East Carter High School gathered on the court and joined hands in prayer after their game on Jan. 26, according to a post on West Carter School’s Facebook page.
A photo of the prayer time was posted with a caption that said, in part, “What a way to end the game! #cometpride #wearecartercounty.”
The Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a news release Friday, asking that school employees stop praying with students and saying the school shouldn’t be using its official page “to endorse religion.”
The organization sent a letter to Carter County Superintendent Ronnie Dotson on Feb. 6, saying that “federal courts have held that even a public school coach’s silent participation in student prayer circles is unconstitutional.”
“These coaches’ conduct was unconstitutional because they endorsed and promoted religion while acting in their official capacities as school district employees,” the letter states.
It further argues that the posting on the West Carter Facebook page constitutes an endorsement of religion, which violates the Establishment Clause.
“We ask that Carter County Schools commence an investigation into the complaint alleged and take immediate action to stop any and all school-sponsored prayers occurring within any district athletic programs,” the letter states.
It also asks that the district remove “any posts on the district’s social media pages promoting religion” and make sure the staff members responsible for the post are “counseled that such conduct is not to be repeated in the future.”
Kentucky public schools are beyond broke and facing catastrophe when legislators forced them to start paying for teachers' pensions.

So Carter County schools will not waste money fighting this lawsuit.  Right?


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