Friday, March 2, 2018

KY Shooting Survivors Set Rally at Capitol

I knew those kids from Marshall County High School would stand up with their fellow survivors in Florida.

No, they're not demanding a ban on assault weapons, and it's a "teach-in," not a protest. But for far-western rural Kentucky, that's pretty hippie.

From the Herald:

As Marshall County High School student Keaton Conner helps other students across the state plan a march at the state Capitol in Frankfort, Jan. 23 is still fresh in her mind.

That’s the day she unknowingly was trapped in a room with the shooter who had just taken two lives and injured several other people at the school in Western Kentucky. 

“I had people hysterical who saw their friends shot, one of my friends was shot,” she recalls. She was approached by brothers who pleaded “for me to tell them that I had seen their sisters alive.”

“As much as I wish I didn’t have to think about it every second of the day, there’s a reason that I have to remember all this, so that I can try to make a difference,” Keaton, 16, said. “We will not let this go on anymore. I’m not going to give up before I know that it’s not going to happen again.” 

But Keaton and another Marshall County student, Abby Henson, are hoping more Marshall County students will find their voice. 
The girls are working with the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team to plan a March 20, “March for Our Lives KY Student Teach-In” at the Capitol in Frankfort. It will highlight the issue of student safety and school climate in the context of recent school shootings and threats in Kentucky and across the country.

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