Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Total Immunity for All Cops

So a prosecutor finally has the courage to put on trial a murdering cop not once, but twice, and his reward for two mistrials is the police union demanding his dismissal or they will start enforcing martial law.

Understand that the issue with Sgt. Heine's testimony is a smokescreen, the issue is that Deters dared to ever indict Tensing.  The police union is making it very clear that the collaborative agreement between the police, the City Council, the Mayor, and the black community is dead unless Deters is fired, and that's something Mayor Cranley can't afford to let crumble as he faces re-election.

That puts Cincinnati in a very bad place.  If the police union bails from the Collaborative Agreement, Cranley is toast and he knows it
Bringing in an outside prosecutor won't fix this; cops will punish the city all the same.

Banning police unions will usher in massive, nation-wide strikes by cops who are now armed with state-of-the-art military weapons.

No, I don't think the Orange Loser's exhortation to cops to beat suspects was accidental at all.

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