Monday, March 13, 2017

The Blue Lives KY Repugs Think Need Protecting

This is what they do with the power they already have.  The "Blue Lives Matter" bill now on Gov. Matt "Trump's Butt Boy" Bevin's desk will give them unchecked power to rape, steal and murder without consequences.

In a lawsuit packed with explosive allegations, a former member of the Louisville Police youth program says he was raped and sexually abused by two officers during a two-year period and the police concealed it.

The plaintiff, identified as "N.C.," said he was sodomized by Officer Kenneth Betts and Brandon Wood from the time he was 17 to 19 years old and that the abuse occurred in their homes and police vehicles. The suit also alleges that Betts and Wood recorded the episodes and used them to make pornography.

The suit, filed Wednesday in Jefferson Circuit Court, was sealed by Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman, but the Courier-Journal obtained a copy. The man’s attorney, David Yates, who moved to seal the complaint, has previously said his client was sexually abused by “people in power” and that Yates believes there was an attempted cover-up.

"N.C." also says in the suit that the “deliberate conduct” of Betts and Woods was designed to intimidate, degrade and control him for their sexual gratification and to force him to remain silent.

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