Monday, March 6, 2017

Freakazoids Stealing Public Rado Waves

Yes, stealing.  I don't care how much they paid for it.  That's a public radio station using broadcasts bands owned by the public. Public radio stations are the sole source of unbiased radio news in almost all the communities they reach.  Now that's gone in Northern Kentucky.

And it's being replaced by freakazoid propaganda, indoctrination and lies about creationism and the property status of women and children.

The Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents on Tuesday approved the sale of campus radio station WNKU.
The radio station, which began broadcasting in 1985, will be sold to the Bible Broadcasting Corporation for $1.9 million, reported The Northerner, NKU’s independent student news organization. The university also sold WNKE for “$700,000 to Educational Media Foundation, which syndicates Christian programming through Air1 and K-LOVE,” The Northerner also reported.
WNKU was sold due to dwindling state funding and the $1 million subsidy the university expected to pay at the of this year for the station, said university spokesperson Amanda Nageleisen. The station had about 20 full and part-time employees.

WNKU will remain on the air until its sale is approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). organized a rally early Tuesday at the Northern Kentucky University Student Union Hall to decry the sale.

“While the executive session is closed to the public, we hope to send a message to the board before and after the session that the over 3,000 member stakeholders who fund WNKU will not stand idly by while NKU’s Board of Regents determines the fate of our station,” wrote on Facebook.
The motherfuckers have already bought up every public hospital in the state, ensuring that medical values will adhere to those of Bronze Age desert goatfuckers.

Now it's the broadcast band.  Public schools are next, with libraries and bookstores to follow.

The motherfuckers started by buying

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