Friday, September 9, 2016

Tell Feds to Reject Bevin's Murder Medicaid Plan

You've got only 30 days.  Go to and click on “View Section 1115 Demonstration List” to find Kentucky. Don't know what to say?  Write this:
"Expanded Medicaid as implemented by the Beshear administration has made huge strides in improving health among Kentucky's working poor.  It has also started to do what no other effort in Kentucky's 224 years as a state has done: finally eliminate generational poverty in the Commonwealth. 

Please do not approve Governor Lying Coward's plan to kill 400,000 Kentuckians and bust a $2 billion hole in our state's budget."

The federal government told the Bevin administration Thursday that its Medicaid waiver proposal has “sufficient information to evaluate” and it now wants to hear from Kentuckians what they think about the proposal.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Press Secretary Marjorie Connolly said the agency has certified the completeness of Kentucky’s application for a Medicaid waiver, one of the first hurdles the proposal must clear.

She said the next step is a 30-day federal comment period.

“After the comment period and review and consideration of public input, the waiver process usually involves significant additional dialogue between HHS and states,” Connolly said. 

“We are prepared to continue working for as long as it takes to find a solution that builds on the historic progress Kentucky has made under Medicaid expansion and avoids moving backwards.”

Bevin submitted his proposal to the federal government last month for the program that provides health insurance for 1.32 million Kentuckians.

The most controversial measures include premiums and co-pays and a requirement that able-bodied adults be engaged in their communities for at least 20 hours every week, through a job, classes, volunteering or other specified activities.

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