Tuesday, September 6, 2016

AttN Dem Hillary Haters: You've Swallowed Repug Lies

Yeah, all you "Democrats" who just can't bring yourselves to vote for the super-qualified candidate: you're falling for the same freakazoid hate-driven lies that hanged and burned to death a million women who dared to step an inch out of line.

Like them, Clinton is innocent of all charges.  Twenty-five years of the most ridiculous, hysterical claims and yet dozens of enemy investigations have turned up exactly bupkis.  

You're refusing to vote for her not because you question her honesty or competence.  You're refusing to vote for her because she doesn't have a penis and therefore is evil.

You're all morons and you're going to get exactly the president you deserve, because he's going to kill everyone one of you before the sun sets on his inauguration.

I think Rebecca Traister has the right answer in her latest piece which delves into this growing theme of Clinton stealing the election:
It’s true that the major hit on Hillary Clinton has long been that she is untrustworthy, which makes it a short step to suggesting that her electoral victories are fraudulent. Surely some of this stems from a reputation and history particular to her. But it seems unlikely that Clinton is, by political standards, uniquely dishonest; former New York Times editor Jill Abramson has written of how her many journalistic investigations into Clintonian malfeasance revealed that Clinton was “fundamentally honest and trustworthy.” The fact that “she can be so seamlessly rendered synonymous with all things untrue,” says Tillet, is at least in part because “religious narratives tell us that women are inherently untrustworthy … The idea of woman as a liar and as evil goes back to the Bible.”
This is some deep primal stuff and non-GOP voters of all ages should take a gut check on this Clinton meme and ask themselves some hard questions. There's something wrong with it and it's not that Hillary Clinton is unusually dishonest or untrustworthy. I expect right wingers to say that. They have primitive views of women. Liberals and progressives should know better. Her policies and her record are all fair game and should be criticized. But this rampant "she's a liar" character smear is something else altogether.


Anonymous said...

A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for a woman for president.
It is also a vote for most of the principals that the Democratic Party used to support. When you realize that Nixon was to the left of most current Democrats it makes it hard to get very enthused about supporting the current Democrat nominee.
To push the Democratic Party to the left by merely voting for Clinton sends no message. My vote is Clinton's to win, but unless she chooses to move to the left and incorporate some liberal ideas instead of going after moderate Republican voters, I will support a woman who believes in what I believe in.

Marc McKenzie said...

Thank you for this. Over the past few months I've wondered if I've gone mad when I look at the anti-Hillary s**t written at sites that claim that they are liberal or progressive--sites like "Liberal Values" or Smirking Chimp.

If someone claims to be liberal and yet is fine with a Trump win, then they aren't liberal; they are nihilists. Hillary Clinton has faced 20+ years of investigations and other nonsense and in the end she is not guilty, not an evil harpy.

I suppose her "crime" was in being a woman who wants to help others and thus entered public office and is more than qualified to be President of the US.

Gerald Parks said...

This artice ... Well said and just plain true!

Yellow Dog said...

Anonymous: Lots of people are women. None of them are remotely as qualified to be president as Hillary Clinton. Vote for Stein if you want, but don't pretend it's because she's qualified to be president, or that she's more likely to win than Clinton.

Susan Dress said...

Anonymous: a vote for Jill Stein isn't a vote for a woman as president. It's a vote that will increase the odds that Donald Trump will win the election. If Jill Stein or Gary Johnson really cared about the future of our country, they would do anything to prevent that from happening. IMHO