Thursday, September 1, 2016

Gray Lambasts AynRandy on Drug War Funding

Good on Jim Gray, but they're both still missing the point.

No amount of money for programs to deny painkilling drugs to people in chronic pain is ever going to solve the problem of people in chronic pain overdosing on heroin because of programs that deny painkilling drugs to people in chronic pain.

This beyond-stupid insanity is not just counter-productive; it is literally murdering people who just want some relief from constant pain. And the murderer is not a heroin dealer; it's the legislators who think threatening doctors into denying painkilling drugs is going to solve anything.

Meanwhile, the DEA is once again snatching a useful drug away and falsely labeling it dangerous. This is the same agency, remember, that labels marijuana as dangerous as heroin but thinks the alcohol and nicotine that kill more than a million Americans every year - pot kills exactly zero - are fucking health food.

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