Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Matt Bevin Throws Temper Tantrum, Shows Ass

Is he taking diplomacy and tact lessons from Paul LePage in Maine?  Who in his office thinks this is the proper way to respond publicly to the Kentucky Attorney General, regardless of what you really think?

From the press release:

“As best we can make sense of his rambling press conference, we strongly disagree with the Attorney General and will respond as necessary in court. Given the amount of alleged corruption and personnel problems in the Office of Attorney General and his father’s administration it is clear that he is attempting to deflect attention away from his own challenges.”
That's the whole thing, except for an introductory line claiming it is a "statement from Communications Director Jessica Ditto."  So Bevin's hiding behind his staff now?  It's on Governor's Office letterhead and the Lying Coward owns it.

I am no fan of Andy Beshear, but if he doesn't take full advantage of this stupidity, he really will be useless.

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