Monday, April 11, 2016

Matt Bevin Admits Lying About Planned Parenthood; Fails to Write 8-figure Check in Apology

Pay Up, Motherfucker.  A nice, round, $10 million right out of that lying libertarian billionaire pocket of yours.  Oh, and another $5 million to cover the ACLU's legal costs to drag your lying, worthless ass into court. Also another $1 million apiece to every woman who needed and wanted an abortion from Planned Parenthood and couldn't get it because Governor Lying Coward was lying. Again. Still. Always.

From WDRB:

 Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says Planned Parenthood in Louisville was given permission to perform abortions, but it was still illegal.
False.  Abortion in this country is LEGAL. Screaming tantrums by state officials don't make it otherwise.

“In this particular case, the Inspector General not once but twice authorized Planned Parenthood to commence operations in anticipation of receiving the license,” said Planned Parenthood attorney Thomas Clay.

But the original lawsuit says Mynear, who left the job in January, acted "without authority" and calls her a "sympathetic advocate willing to ignore the law." The response filed on Thursday reiterated that point.

“It certainly appears to me that they are acknowledging that Planned Parenthood began operations with the express authorization of the person who was allowed to let them commence operations,” Clay said.

Since the initial lawsuit was filed, University of Louisville Hospital has canceled a mandatory agreement to provide emergency care for women at the clinic.

Clay believes the hospital was pressured by the Governor’s office to end that agreement. General Counsel for the Governor denied that claim in a statement saying, “…No one in this administration put any pressure on anyone."

The Planned Parenthood facility has not performed an abortion since that lawsuit was filed.

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