Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ky Gov Vows to Find the Real Murderer

The danger here is not just that Bevin is wasting tax dollars on a fake search for "corruption," or even that this faux "investigation" will provide a long-term cover for actual corruption by Bevin and his cronies.

No, the real danger is that this witch hunt will target, attack and destroy innocent workers trying to perform needed public service that the libertarian freaks want eliminated.

I can hear the mob's cries now:  "Burn them!"

From the press release:

Governor Matt Bevin Launches Special Investigation into Public Corruption

FRANKFORT, KY (April 19, 2016) -  Today, in light of areas of serious concern dealing with potentially illegal and unethical contracting processes during the previous administration, Governor Matt Bevin announced a special investigation.

Governor Bevin has asked the Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet, Col. Bill Landrum, using the extensive investigative powers given to him in KRS Chapter 45, to prepare and issue an RFP for a thorough, in-depth investigation and report by an attorney or law firm with experience in investigating activities and contracts.

Once selected, this firm will work closely with Secretary Landrum and his staff, including the Cabinet’s new Inspector General, whose appointment will be announced in the coming days, to make findings and issue a report. 

Under KRS Chapter 45, such investigation will include the ability to subpoena witnesses and records as may be necessary to accomplish the investigative goals. 

“A thorough, independent investigation like this can expose and cast light upon prior unsavory — and perhaps illegal — practices, but can also provide the public a degree of confidence in a fair and transparent governance that was so glaringly absent in the past administration,” said Governor Bevin.

Please find attached the Governor’s full remarks as prepared for delivery.

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Jerri said...

Your Gov has nothing to offer. No vision for a future. All he can do is point his finger and blame the past on his inability to plan for the future.