Friday, June 6, 2014

No Tournament Championship Is Worth This

I bleed as blue as any UK fan who ever lived, but this is an absolute abomination. Shame on the University of Kentucky, and shame on any UK fan who thinks this is a good idea.

More money. More years. More John Calipari.

Kentucky basketball continued to espouse a more-more-more ethos with Thursday's announcement that Calipari had signed a new contract that includes a two-year extension and an average compensation of $7,500,000 per season. 
 Besides giving Lexington Mayor Jim Gray an ever-more-inviting target to seek a donation for the proposed Rupp Arena renovation, the new contract moves Calipari ahead of Louisville's Rick Pitino ($5,758,338 last season) and behind only Duke's Mike Krzyzewski ($9,682,032) on USA Today's list of most richly paid coaches
For the record, UK is a public university, supported by the taxpayers of Kentucky, virtually none of whom makes $8 million per year (the few who make that much money pay little if anything in taxes.)

Yes, of course tuition is going up at UK and financial aid is going down. Why would you ever imagine otherwise?

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