Monday, June 2, 2014

An Obvious Choice

Protecting fossil fuels doesn't save a single job, other than the those held by the politicians who do the industry's bidding. It doesn't educate a single child, fill a single pothole or treat a single cancer patient. It does, however, ensure that human civilization will not outlive those already alive today.

Brad Friedman nails it:

The real concern from deniers then (at least those like [House Speaker John] Boehner and the fossil fuel companies, who know there’s no real question about the science — as opposed to their minions that they’ve played for stooges), is only about the economic interests of the fossil fuel industry. It’s not about “the economy,” as you’ll also begin hearing more and more — as Boehner, by way of example, tried to pretend that any proposal to do anything about it “involves hurting our economy and killing American jobs” — because there are plenty of long and short-term economic gains to be had from moving to a world of clean, renewable energy.
The pretend “debate,” in truth, is really only about the handful of folks who profit off of the oil, coal and gas extraction industries, and the personal pain they would like to avoid in cutting into a single cent of the most profitable industry the world has ever known.
It’s not about a “hoax” or “bad science.” It’s not about “lining Al Gore’s pocket.” It’s about a few very very rich men who don’t want to lose any of their future riches.
That’s it. There’s no more to it. It’s action to save humanity versus a loss of profits for a handful of very wealthy people. There’s no real debate about science or the economy or anything else. It’s about the folks who run Big Carbon hoping to remain as absolutely profitable as long as humanly possible, no matter the ultimate cost to our nation, the world, and actual humanity.

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