Monday, September 16, 2013

KY Freakazoids Use Fake Issue to Claim Victimhood Again

Nobody is stopping any freakazoid's brainwashed offspring from bringing all the bibbles they want to school, or even from inflicting their lethal mythology on their fellow students.  The Constitution prevents only the government - represented by teachers and school administrators - from forcing students to participate in religious instruction or ceremony.

But the actual facts of religious freedom are irrelevant here; what matters is that freakazoids are crying persecution in order to intimidate others into letting them proselytize.

From the AP:

An eastern Kentucky school board says it won't stand in the way of religious people — particularly Christian students — from brining Bibles on to district campuses.

The Pike County Board of Education last week declined to sanction the use or distribution of religious materials at schools, but also opted not to ban the practice.


The issue arose Tuesday after a group of parents, led by Joey Sussan, approached the board with concerns that Bibles weren't allowed in schools.
That was just the first of Sussan's egregious lies, which included his claim that he represented babby jeebus before the board.  Sussan, who may or may not be a lawyer, failed to present any documentation signed by his supposed client.
"Anything to do with our religion, we're going to stand for our rights," he said.
Any students in Pike County will to show up Sussan for the hypocrite he is by bringing Korans and Torahs to school?

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