Friday, September 13, 2013

Bring Out the Tumbrels

Seriously, rich morons: this is exactly the attitude for which the French aristocracy was guillotined.

Steve M:

This is the same sense of entitlement that leads rich people to lash out at President Obama for remarks about themselves that have an inappropriate "tone" -- Obama, they say, is "villainizing success" -- even as success continues to be the default mode for the rich under Obama. They really don't believe anything should ever make them uncomfortable ever again. They really believe being shielded from discomfort is their right.
Anybody remember that old saying "Behind every great fortune is a crime"?  It's always been true. The difference today is that the crime on which the obscene 21st-century fortunes were made is the crime of economic treason against society and democracy itself, the denial of community and even the humanity of others less wealthy.

Allowing the rich to get away with that economic treason is suicide for the rest of us. Eliminating their wealth through confiscatory taxation is nothing but pure self-defense.

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