Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Voting is Not an "Opposite Day" Event

If you honestly, seriously think the Republican candidate for Congress in your district will do a better job of helping you and the country than the Democratic candidate will, then by all means get out there and vote according to what you actually think.

But don't tell me you think the Democratic candidate is better than the republican and then go vote for the one you think will do a bad job.

Elections are not Opposite Day, people. Sheesh.

Kevin Drum:

A new Washington Post poll is out. Selected questions are shown below. Summary: Americans trust Democrats more to handle the country's problems, they think Democrats represent their values better, they think Democrats are more concerned with the needs of people like them, and they think Democrats deserve to be reelected at a higher rate than Republicans. They also think (though I didn't show it below) that George Bush is substantially more to blame for our economic woes than Barack Obama.

And the result of all this? They say they plan to vote for Republicans by landslide numbers. It's the economy, stupid.

Click here to see the chart.

As for those of you who think the Democratic candidate will do a better job but you can't be bothered to drag your lazy ass down to the polls ...

Don't make me come over there.

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