Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reparations for White Racist Assholes

I've been saying for a while that the only accurate way to interpret wingnut freakazoid accusations is as confessions: whatever they accuse Democrats or liberals or minorities or anyone else of doing is exactly what they are guilty of themselves, from sexual license to rigging elections to political corruption to racism. And now, demanding reparations.

Steve M. explains:

Let's take a word righties love to wield as a club and turn it right back around on them: this really is a case of reparations. What I mean is that the MSM believes it owes the right endless recompense for the alleged sin of having been "the liberal meda" all these years. Right-wingers have been guilt-tripping the MSM for decades.

It's beyond just "working the refs" -- they've whined that they're the victims of persistent discrimination; they insist that they have a right to banish all objectivity on talk radio and Fox News because the ill effects of the discrimination they perceive haven't come close to being reversed ... and guilt-tripped editors accept this line of argument, and thus won't treat the Breitbarts and Limbaughs and Coulters and Ericksons as pariahs, no matter what lies or slurs they utter, because they feel it would be prejudicial to do so.

Right-wingers see "reparations" for African Americans taking place everywhere they look, even though no one else can see what they see. Meanwhile, real reparations -- for grossly exaggerated or nonexistent suffering -- take place every time another irresponsible demagogue of the right-wing media is given the floor by the mainstream press. And it's not likely to end soon.

This is why, as SteveM., Digby and so many others have explained so many times over the years, the only effective response to anything and everything that emanates from the frightwing is to condemn it as a filthy, despicable, anti-American lie. Immediately. Regardless of the circumstances.

Ninety-nine percent of the time you'll be correct. In the one case out of 100 that incorporates a grain of truth, plenty of time later to shrug a "hey, shit happens" and change the subject.

But every time you fail to call out the motherfucking liars for lying about their fucking their mothers and do so instanteously and in a deafening roar, you lose.

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