Sunday, March 14, 2010

Atheist Blogging In Kentucky: 110 Years Ago

Under the motto, “Edited by a Heathen in the Interest of Good Morals.

Kentuckians have something to live down right now, Ken Ham and his Cretin "Museum". But look back to your noble past: read some of the words of Charles Chilton Moore, a godless newspaperman from Lexington who was as bold as any today.

Fifteen hundred years ago, Constantine, who murdered his own wife and children, started the Christian religion.

From that day to this that religion has been the greatest curse that ever afflicted the earth.

This religion teaches that 6,000 years ago God made the first man out of dust - not even mud - and the first woman out of a bone; that God cursed the whole human race because a snake made the woman eat an apple; that God had a son by another man's wife, and that he had this son murdered in order to keep himself from sending all the human race to hell.

This son taught that any man who did not believe that piece of ignorance and priestly lying would go to hell and burn eternally in fire and brimstone.

The Bible, in which these things are taught, favors drunkenness, murder, slavery, lying, stealing and lechery.

He published that in 1900. Fiery bunch, those Southern newspapermen — I am reminded, for some reason, of Twain's Journalism in Tennessee.

Twain set an impossibly high standard, but Moore did not fear to reach for it, and neither should we.

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