Saturday, January 6, 2018

Kansas, Here We Come

As Bevin and his billionaire buddies light their cigars with C-notes they stole from working Kentuckians, the legislature is slashing and burning what's left of Kentucky's economy.

Because for the nth time, rich people and corporations don't create jobs; working people who spend their paltry paychecks create jobs.

But repugs are making sure working Kentuckians don't have any money to spend.

From the Herald:

Now the legislature is preparing to write a two-year budget that Republican Gov. Matt Bevin warned this week will be “brutal” because of a massive increase in costs for public pensions, as well as Medicaid and prisons. Lawmakers say they have no political appetite in this election year for tax increases that would raise more revenue. So everyone is bracing for the worst.

“They are — they are systemically ruining our schools on purpose,” Dunn said at the Capitol rally, wiping tears from her eyes.
The economic catastrophe in Kansas has proven beyond all doubt that budget cuts drive a state into bankruptcy.  Only more revenue - massive taxes on the rich and corporations - and spending on education and infrastructure and health care can save and grow an economy.

But Kentucky repugs see the Democratic tsunami coming this year and they think avoiding necessary tax increases is going to save them.

It won't. It will just hand a dying state to the Democratic candidates who take back the General Assembly in November.

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