Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bevin Lying About Medicaid Like the Motherfucking Liar He Is

A) This isn't about saving money.  This is about destroying every social support system that helps people who are not obscenely fucking rich.  Like Gov. I Got Mine Fuck You.

B) Cutting Medicaid does not save money.  It costs billions of dollars in health care that is no longer covered by a federal program but rather has to be picked up by hospital emergency rooms who then pass the cost onto other patients: us.

C) The total state dollars spent on the tiny number of people who don't "deserve" Medicaid in the eyes of Gov. You Should Have Been Born Rich, Sucker  amounts to less than Bevin spends on lunch.

In a move the state says would save money but cut another 9,000 people from Medicaid, Gov. Matt Bevin's administration is seeking permission from the federal government for more changes to the state-federal health plan that serves 1.4 million Kentuckians.

The changes, filed this week, revise a sweeping plan to the state's Medicaid program Bevin proposed last year seeking federal permission, or a "waiver," to reshape the program in order to impose more costs and personal responsibility on consumers.

The Bevin administration said the changes, aimed largely at "able-bodied" adults, are part of an effort to "provide dignity to individuals" and help them toward "independence from public assistance."


But health care advocates in Kentucky said the changes do nothing to improve the proposal Bevin introduced last year and worsen it in several ways, most significantly increasing from about 86,000 to 95,000 the number of people expected to lose health coverage over the five-year life of the plan.

They say many people will find the new requirements excessively complex and will lose coverage because they are unable to meet them.

"In my mind, this just takes a bad waiver and makes it worse," said Dustin Pugel, a research associate with the Kentucky Center on Economic Policy. 


The state Cabinet for Health and Family Services plans two public hearings on the proposed changes:
July 14, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., in Somerset at the Center for Rural Development, 2292 South Highway 27, Suite 300.
July 17, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., in Frankfort, after the meeting of the joint House-Senate Health and Welfare Committee.

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