Tuesday, November 14, 2017

No, Mitch, You Don't Get Credit for This

No, you don't believe the women.

What you believe is that Moore's candidacy is hurting the repugs in advance of 2018 and might even put Democratic candidate Doug Jones in the Senate.

You don't give a flying fuck about the women Moore raped and assaulted.

You only care about keeping the repug majority in the Senate so you can steal more billions from working people to give to the idle rich and the job-killing corporations.

The Orange Loser in the White House publicly confessed to worse crimes than Moore now denies, but you are not calling for him to step down.

Your party is the party of hypocrisy over sexual assault. You allow your candidates any crimes right up to the point it endangers their election.

The Alabama Senate race stands as the perfect symbol of repug politics:

Alabama Media Group:

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Gerald Parks said...

WOW ...WOW ...WOW!!!!
Good catch ... and an accurate call!
You are spot on!!!!!