Sunday, November 12, 2017

Moving Statues Isn't Enough

Kentucky can take the next step by replacing jeff davis in the capitol with Muhammad Ali.

Erik Loomis at LGM:

The only way to fight against all of this is to make interpretations of the Civil War a central part of the left agenda. It’s not enough to say that we will move the Lee and Davis statues to cemeteries. They need to be eradicated entirely. We need monuments to John Brown, Harriet Tubman, and Frederick Douglass erected where they once stood. The bland statues of a typical Civil War soldier you see in towns through the South (and the North) should be replaced by monuments to slaves. We need to make sure that every textbook used by your children has a proper interpretation of the Civil War and when it doesn’t, to raise hell about it with the teachers and the school board. When conservative white male teachers tell your students that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, they need to face repercussions for that. Again, this is a battle that will never end and it’s part of the larger battle against racism and for genuine freedom and justice in this nation. This isn’t some sideshow of a bunch of historians. It is critical to the future we all share.


George Carty said...

Why the hell does Kentucky have a statue to Jefferson Davis in its capital when it wasn't even IN the damned Confederacy?

Yellow Dog said...

Jefferson Davis was born on the Kentucky-Tennessee border in Franklin, KY, Simpson County, but grew up in Mississippi. After the war, Kentucky slaveowners and their sympathizers joined the confederacy in spirit and spent the next 100 years erasing Kentucky's Union and border-state history.