Sunday, October 8, 2017

Take Your Bibbles to Bevin

Oooooh, our so-brave Governor Craven Heartless Worm really stood up to those godless libtards this time!  Making them all cry with his bold order to the Commonwealth's kids to show off by taking their bibbles to school!

No mention, of course, of the fact that the very godless Constitution guarantees exactly that right. Nor of the fact that the very same Constitution bars government-funded entities - like teachers, not students - from proseletyzing any religion to others under cover of government authority.

You can take a bibble or a koran or a bhagavad gita any public goddamn place you please.

I recommend taking a bibble to bevin's office in the capitol. Cover it in brown paper so he can't see what it is, and start reading jeebus' words from the new testament.  Set a stopwatch so you know how many seconds it takes before bevin screams at you for being a commiemuslinterrist and leftwingbleedinghearthippie, how dare you read that unamericanatheist shit to him.

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