Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's Still Happening, and NFL Owners Are Still Entitled Cowardly Motherfuckers

The kneeling is now and always has been about protesting the nationwide police brutality and murder against unarmed African-American men and women.

And the NFL is now and always has been about exploiting black bodies while denying them civil rights.

Because men like David Derbish and Andrew Miller depend on the benefit of the doubt provided by their occupation and their whiteness to intimidate, threaten, assault, rape, paralyze and kill men and women like Leon Ford, knowing that juries will refuse to convict them.

Which is exactly what happened Monday in the federal lawsuit filed against them. Miller was cleared of assault and battery, and the jury was deadlocked on Derbish’s excessive-force charges.

That benefit of the doubt is how a kid with no criminal record is left without the use of his legs after a chance encounter with them. It’s how qualifiers like “no criminal record” are necessary, even though they shouldn’t be. Because a person’s criminal record isn’t—well, shouldn’t be—a pass for men with badges to break someone’s body with impunity. Just as blackness shouldn’t be. Just as being perceived as a threat shouldn’t be. Or being thought of as “scary” or “big” or “superhuman.”

But it is, which is why David Derbish and Andrew Miller are free to sleep in their beds and eat dinner at their kitchen tables today, while Leon Ford is reminded that justice is conditional, arbitrary and cruel.

And if justice is conditional, arbitrary and cruel, justice doesn’t exist.
But Roger Goodell and Jerry Fucking Jones don't care about that.  All they care about is jingoistic faux-patriotic displays and the billions of dollars it brings in from the rubes who tune in to watch black men get permanently disabled.

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