Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Lege Is Back in Town and We're All Gonna Die

Or just want to. If Matt "Lying Coward" Bevin and some of our elected idiots get their way, we're gonna be:

  • paying tax money to rich corporations to run charter "schools" that teach only obedience to authority, especially employers;
  • getting public services like nursing home care and prison operations from corporations that make Verizon and Microsoft seem like models of efficiency and compassion;
  • paying hundred-dollar tolls to the corporations who bought the highways to fund tax breaks for Matt Bevin's rich friends but never bother to maintain said highways and bridges;
  • burying thousands of women who in desperation got illegal, lethal abortions because there are no more legal safe ones;
  • attending Kim Davis' freakazoid cult meetings "voluntarily," because only fundie evangelicals will have civil and human rights;
  • working for pennies an hour because minimum wages hurt corporate fee-fees, and
  • wishing we had the money to move to Haiti, because that economy will be better than Kentucky's.
Want to keep track of who is fucking you over today?m The Legislative Research Commission (the agency that staffs the lege) is on it:
When the Kentucky Senate and House of Representatives are gaveled into order at noon (Tuesday), Kentuckians will have many ways to stay connected to action throughout the 2016 legislative session.
The Kentucky Legislature Home Page ( is updated daily to provide the latest legislative information. Web surfers can view the issues before lawmakers by browsing through bill summaries, amendments and resolutions. The website is regularly updated to indicate each bill’s status in the legislative process, as well as the next day’s committee-meeting schedule and agendas.
In addition to general information about the legislative process, the website provides information on each of Kentucky’s senators and representatives, including their phone numbers, addresses and legislative committee assignments.
A mobile-friendly version of the website can be viewed by going online to and adding the site to a smartphone’s home screen. The LRC seal that will appear on the home screen allows users to connect to some of the more popular features of the website including the legislative calendar and a directory of the state legislators with their photographs.
Citizens are also welcome to see proceedings in person in the State Capitol’s legislative chambers and committee rooms, which are open to the public.
Those who can’t make the trip to Frankfort can tune in to chamber proceedings and committee meetings on The Kentucky Channel, KET KY. Kentucky Educational Television also provides online streaming of its legislative coverage at
Citizens can also use toll-free phone lines to follow legislative action and offer their input to lawmakers. Those who want to give lawmakers feedback on issues under consideration can call the Legislative Message Line at 800-372-7181. Those who prefer to offer their feedback in Spanish can call the General Assembly's Spanish Line at 866-840-6574. Citizens with hearing impairments can use the TTY Message Line at 800-896-0305.
A taped message containing information on the daily schedule for legislative committee meetings is available by calling the Legislative Calendar Line at 800-633-9650.
Citizens can write to any legislator by sending a letter with a lawmaker's name on it to: Legislative Offices, 702 Capitol Ave., Frankfort, KY 40601.
The 2016 session is expected to last 60 working days, the limit allowed by the Kentucky Constitution, and is scheduled to adjourn on April 12.

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