Friday, January 15, 2016

Hey Alison: Show Bevin How It's Done

Good government, that is.  Use your power as Secretary of State to demand vote-by-mail.

Forget voting machines, polling places, poll workers, absentee ballots and voter ID.  Save money, time and effort and double turnout with just one cheap and easy change.

Vote by mail saves money, simplifies elections, and eliminates voting lines. It renders moot the debate over photo ID rules, and lets election officials avoid spending billions on software-enabled (but vulnerable to big-impact hacking) voting equipment. Best of all, it promises double-digit increases in registered voter turnout.
Yes of course it increases Democratic votes because when everybody votes, Democratic candidates win.  That's the repugs' problem.  Let the Connecticut Yankee Lying Coward explain why he doesn't want every eligible Kentucky voter to vote.

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