Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ben Chandler Shits on KY Democrats. Again.

Face it, Sixth District Dems: Ben Chandler is laughing at you.

On Friday, the House of Representatives failed to come up with the 2/3 majority necessary to pass the highly destructive Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, 261-165.

From Steve Benen:

The nation dodged a bullet today. This amendment would have devastated the economy and made responses to future crises effectively impossible. Bruce Bartlett, a veteran of the Reagan and Bush administrations, explained this week that this is a “dreadful” idea and the Republican proposal “is, frankly, nuts.”

And now, thankfully, it’s dead for another Congress.

No thanks to Blue Dog DINO Ben Wire Hangar Chandler (Traitor-KY6), who of course voted for it.

Dear Deluded Sixth District Dems:

We know what happened. Ben Chandler said he'd take you to the prom. But when you got there, he ass-raped you in the car, dumped you crying in the parking lot and went off to dance with the Homecoming Queen.

And you are fine with that.

You are terrifyingly close to deserving everything he does to you.

After redistricting, the Sixth District is going to be far bluer than it is today. Democrats who actually vote Democratic are going to be an absolute majority in the Sixth. You will never have a better chance to put an actual Democratic candidate in that seat than you do by running a liberal Democrat against Wire Hangar in the primary.

You've got until January 30 to find your candidate and file to run.

Show some dignity, for pity's sake.

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